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ngshay asked: Hey man, I don't know if you check this thing at all, but I was wondering if you would be okay with me doing a recital of the poem "I'm Possible" at some point in the future? Full credit would be given and I would be transcribing it from the performance you did at the NO poetry potluck that is on youtube.

I think that is totally cool!  Go for it!

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deanthedoctor asked: OMG thank you! I've been looking for it for a while. That poem just really hits home for me. Thank you.


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It's God Out Here

My buddy Cfree is a super dope rapper.  He also makes a pretty slick podcast.  I’m on this one.  We had way too much fun making it.  Check it out. 

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deanthedoctor asked: Hey so I always went to fresh hear and I'm pretty sure it's you that did a poem that I loved. I'm trying to remember exactly what it was about. Like you were teaching and put a question on the board and it was about suicide? I think it was you that read it. I'd love to hear it again and can't find it anywhere!

Hey!  Thanks for showing love.  I know which poem you’re talking about.  It’s called Joey.  Here’s a link.