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Taking the ACT on the Chin

Fill in the bubble that indicates your value as a human being. 

Sleeping will not be tolerated.

Neither will swallowing.  All food must be spit out immediately.

In about twenty-four minutes that door will open

and someone from The State Department

will rip out all of your hearts and place them

in this secured and sealed teal-climate-controlled-cooler.

Your second most vital organ will be stored for transport.

You will be notified via subpoena as soon as a decision

is made regarding your heart’s whereabouts. 

You are a valued customer.  Take care of your callouses. 

None of us want to see you get hurt.  The nurse

will be with you in a moment to draw blood.

Are you allergic to any medications?

Pipe down.  You are not the only gerbil waiting

to take a turn on the wheel of misfortune.

Void where prohibited. 

Any unverified noises such as sneezing or breathing

will be considered a testing violation. 

Infractions such as laughter or outward expressions 

or extreme depression will be captured

on videotape and sent to The State Department

for analysis.  Mark a response for each question

even if you are uncertain about the answer.

A facsimile of your results will be sketched

by a composite artist unless you feel insulted

by this test, in which case, the dispute

will be settled by a groupthink consensus

in order to determine which target market

best suits your worldview.   

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I Find the Mathematics of Reincarnation Baffling

I ran into my first love the night

of my 21st birthday.  She said I ruined her life

and she never wanted to see me again

and it must have stuck because

I pretended I felt the same way

11 years later.

I find the mathematics of reincarnation baffling

It can’t be an even trade as in

one death equates to one life.   There has to be

a tremendous amount of souls inhabiting

one body.  I’m the caterpillar and the butterfly

and my great grandfather and Pancake,

our family dog who died when I was little.

In the middle of my family tree is an artichoke

heart wrapped in a hand written love letter

scribbled by a 19th century Polish woman

I’ve never met but will one day become

if I’m lucky enough to let go

of the stars in the marrow

colored sky below my eyes.

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Go On With Your Bad Self

Haven’t you ever loved someone so much you just wanted them locked up in a cage?  Me neither.  That’s crazy.  You’re a creeper, nosier than an anteater with a vacuum cleaner. 

I made the last move and now it’s your move.  You’re worse than fried chicken.  I hate that I love you.  

You make me want to break into a bank and hold up the place and take all the money and frame you for the robbery because you bother me and everybody else. 

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