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"Thank You" is off of Sage Francis’ COPPER GONE album. All info, package deals + tour dates at:
This live version was recorded during SXSW 2014 at Daytrotter’s studio:
“We knew what Sage Francis was going to do to us when he came by the studio in Austin a month ago. We knew he was going to destroy us. We just didn’t know he was going to destroy us as much as he wound up destroying us. He’s a rapper unequaled and his new record, ‘COPPER GONE’, is a goddamned blessing, after a four year break between records. This particular song from the full session floored us. We were slack-jawed and stunned by the passionate delivery and sentiment in ‘Thank You’ and we all — Sage included — wanted to get this out into the world in front of the full session, which we will post in June. With music by Anders Parker and drums by Alias, ‘Thank You’ is a song that feels as ponderous as it feels definitive. It’s a song about a long span of time and people who mostly act out of love, though sometimes it’s strangely shown. Francis raps, ‘Thank you for the matches, for the gift of fire, for the wood and axe, for whuppin’ my ass/For the wheel even if you didn’t invent it/For the impact that you had on me/ It’s epic/Thank you for the effort, for teaching me the ABCs, even if I never make my way to Z, even if I never do for someone else exactly what you did for me, I’m gonna do my best while you rest, in peace/Thank you,’ and then we turned the lights off for the night and shut it down.” - Sean Moeller
Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Grant Johnson at Good Danny’s, Austin, Texas.

“Copper Gone” drops June 3rd on Strange Famous Records and Speech Development Records (UK.)

5/29 Stanhope, NJ - Stanhope House
5/30 NY, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
5/31 BOSTON, MA - Middle East
6/02 TORONTO, ON - Opera House
6/03 PITTSBURGH, PA - Altar Bar |
6/05 CHICAGO, IL - The Abbey
6/06 MADISON, WI - High Noon Saloon
6/07 MINNEAPOLIS, MN - First Ave
6/09 ENGLEWOOD, CO - Gothic Theatre
6/10 SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Urban Lounge
6/11 MISSOULA, MT - Palace Lounge
6/12 VANCOUVER, BC - Fortune Sound Club
6/13 SEATTLE, WA - Neumo’s
6/14 PORTLAND, OR - Alhambra Theatre
6/16 SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The Independent
6/17 SOLANA BEACH, CA - Belly Up Tavern
6/18 LOS ANGELES, CA - The Troubadour
6/20 PHOENIX, AZ - The Crescent Ballroom
6/21 ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Sunshine Theater
6/22 EL PASO, TX - Tricky Falls
6/24 DALLAS, TX - Club Dada
6/25 AUSTIN, TX - Mohawk
6/26 NEW ORLEANS - Southport Hall
6/27 BATON ROUGE, LA - Spanish Moon
6/29 ATLANTA, GA - Terminal West
7/01 WASHINGTON, DC - U Street Music Hall
7/02 PHILADELPHIA, PA - Union Transfer
7/03 PORTLAND, ME - Port City Music Hall
7/04 PROVIDENCE, RI - Fete Ballroom

Oct 10 IRELAND - Sligo @ Fifth on Teeling
Oct 11 IRELAND - Belfast @ Voodoo
Oct 12 IRELAND - Dublin @ Sugar Club
Oct 14 ENGLAND - Newcastle @ (TBA)
Oct 15 SCOTLAND - Glasgow @ Oran Mor
Oct 16 ENGLAND - Manchester @ Gorilla
Oct 17 ENGLAND - Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club
Oct 19 WALES - Cardiff @ The Globe
Oct 20 ENGLAND - Bristol @ The Fleece
Oct 21 ENGLAND - Brighton @ The Haunt
Oct 22 ENGLAND - London @ Village Undeground
Oct 24 ENGLAND - Reading @ The Bowery District
Oct 25 BELGIUM - Brussels @ Botanique/Rotonde
Oct 26 HOLLAND - Amsterdam @ Melkweg
Oct 28 FRANCE - Paris @ Point Ephemere
Oct 29 FRANCE - Dijon @ La Vapeur
Oct 30 FRANCE - Vendome @ Les Rockomotives
Oct 31 FRANCE - Strasbourg @ Laiterie       
Nov 02 GERMANY - Cologne @ Underground
Nov 03 GERMANY - Hamburg @ Uebel & Gefaehrlich
Nov 05 DENMARK - Copenhagen @ Vega
Nov 06 NORWAY - Oslo @ John Dee
Nov 07 SWEDEN - Stockholm @ Debaser Strand
Nov 09 GERMANY - Berlin @ Privatclub
Nov 10 GERMANY - Munich @ Ampere
Nov 11 GERMANY - Frankfurt @ Zoom
Nov 13 SWITZERLAND - Geneva @ Usine
Nov 14 SWITZERLAND - Zurich @ Rote Fabrik
Nov 15 SWITZERLAND - Bern @ Dachstock - Reitschule
Nov 16 AUSTRIA - Vienna @ B72
Nov 19 SWEDEN - Lund @ Mejeriet
Nov 21 FINLAND - Helsinki @ Kuudes Linja

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Taking the ACT on the Chin

Fill in the bubble that indicates your value as a human being. 

Sleeping will not be tolerated.

Neither will swallowing.  All food must be spit out immediately.

In about twenty-four minutes that door will open

and someone from The State Department

will rip out all of your hearts and place them

in this secured and sealed teal-climate-controlled-cooler.

Your second most vital organ will be stored for transport.

You will be notified via subpoena as soon as a decision

is made regarding your heart’s whereabouts. 

You are a valued customer.  Take care of your callouses. 

None of us want to see you get hurt.  The nurse

will be with you in a moment to draw blood.

Are you allergic to any medications?

Pipe down.  You are not the only gerbil waiting

to take a turn on the wheel of misfortune.

Void where prohibited. 

Any unverified noises such as sneezing or breathing

will be considered a testing violation. 

Infractions such as laughter or outward expressions 

or extreme depression will be captured

on videotape and sent to The State Department

for analysis.  Mark a response for each question

even if you are uncertain about the answer.

A facsimile of your results will be sketched

by a composite artist unless you feel insulted

by this test, in which case, the dispute

will be settled by a groupthink consensus

in order to determine which target market

best suits your worldview.   

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I Find the Mathematics of Reincarnation Baffling

I ran into my first love the night

of my 21st birthday.  She said I ruined her life

and she never wanted to see me again

and it must have stuck because

I pretended I felt the same way

11 years later.

I find the mathematics of reincarnation baffling

It can’t be an even trade as in

one death equates to one life.   There has to be

a tremendous amount of souls inhabiting

one body.  I’m the caterpillar and the butterfly

and my great grandfather and Pancake,

our family dog who died when I was little.

In the middle of my family tree is an artichoke

heart wrapped in a hand written love letter

scribbled by a 19th century Polish woman

I’ve never met but will one day become

if I’m lucky enough to let go

of the stars in the marrow

colored sky below my eyes.

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Go On With Your Bad Self

Haven’t you ever loved someone so much you just wanted them locked up in a cage?  Me neither.  That’s crazy.  You’re a creeper, nosier than an anteater with a vacuum cleaner. 

I made the last move and now it’s your move.  You’re worse than fried chicken.  I hate that I love you.  

You make me want to break into a bank and hold up the place and take all the money and frame you for the robbery because you bother me and everybody else. 

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