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Quaint Magazine - Feminist Literary Quarterly Kickstarter



quaintmagazine is a magazine for and by all female-identified writers, cis or not. I have been working as a reader with these fine ladies and I think that it would be great to help them reach their goals. Females are published substantially less than male writers and Quaint specifically is trying to flip that ratio on its head. Please help us out. We are nice and lovely. Also, you should really check out the magazine because it’s fucking awesome. 

PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP BOOST THIS? Perhaps, loggingoutofpatriarchy, be-a-riot-grrrl, girlsgetbusyzine, stoppatriarchy, androgynistic, fuckyeahfeminists, queerbookclub, rileykonor, projectqueer, whoneedsfeminism, misandry-mermaid, smellslikegirlriotjonathanbrownpoetry, justylusty, tinkerpistolriotgrrrlmag, tiggyupland and anybody else who reads this blog! 

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ngshay asked: Hey man, I don't know if you check this thing at all, but I was wondering if you would be okay with me doing a recital of the poem "I'm Possible" at some point in the future? Full credit would be given and I would be transcribing it from the performance you did at the NO poetry potluck that is on youtube.

I think that is totally cool!  Go for it!

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deanthedoctor asked: OMG thank you! I've been looking for it for a while. That poem just really hits home for me. Thank you.


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It's God Out Here

My buddy Cfree is a super dope rapper.  He also makes a pretty slick podcast.  I’m on this one.  We had way too much fun making it.  Check it out. 

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deanthedoctor asked: Hey so I always went to fresh hear and I'm pretty sure it's you that did a poem that I loved. I'm trying to remember exactly what it was about. Like you were teaching and put a question on the board and it was about suicide? I think it was you that read it. I'd love to hear it again and can't find it anywhere!

Hey!  Thanks for showing love.  I know which poem you’re talking about.  It’s called Joey.  Here’s a link.